The Green Light Partnership

Green Light specialise in unleashing energy and intellect. We help people to help themselves; to solve problems or to exploit opportunities. We work with you to improve your organisation, and your own performance. Whole teams become engaged, involved, motivated and empowered to achieve. Our style is dynamic and “quirky”.

Our core offerings are:

Sense Making for Leaders

Executive Teams are supported through collaborative strategic planning activities involving consensus reaching and decision making. We use visual and spatial techniques and approaches which take account of the social and political reality of the organisation. Combined with energy and serious fun, breakthrough thinking can be achieved rapidly, followed by the development of practical, actionable plans. We support you and your team through subsequent phases of activity which can include input from JGAL facilitators, consultants and trainers, as required, ensuring your objectives are met.

Project Management & Delivery

How to turn strategy into action, to achieve objectives and meet targets? We use structured approaches to help organisations deliver successful projects; we also support the development of confident and effective project managers. We engage teams in experiential activity that enables rapid learning of techniques to deliver project outputs and outcomes. They learn how to initiate complex projects that have never been done before. Our courses include analysis of detail, understanding roles and responsibilities and the management of risk issues. All done in a unique visual way.

Facilitation of Meetings & Facilitator Development

Our clients use us as a “neutral referee” for events where an independent, objective viewpoint is appreciated or required. They also use us to select and train teams of in-house facilitators, transferring important skills and attitudes into the organisation to provide a sustainable resource.

Mentoring, Coaching & Development Centres

Our activity often brings us into contact with people who need one to one support from trusted advisors, perhaps as they tackle change or are at a transition stage in their career. We provide a combination of face to face or ‘virtual’ support, as needed. Where greater numbers are involved, we design and run ‘development centres’ for career progression. These can become a critical lever for supporting culture change within a team or organisation.

Team Building

Often a natural by-product of our activity, we also design bespoke team building activities to meet specific needs of a group or team. We run residential courses for people from all levels of an organisation. We combine job and work-related activities with fun scenarios to rapidly develop the environment where serious and sustainable change in team behaviours, enthusiasm and effectiveness can take place.